Haus 🐽v Pigg

~ we are a private mobile web community ~

🌎 🕸 🕷
~ 1 page website ~

every member gets a 1 page website that looks like your member profile ... every members profile looks like the front page of this website with 4 pictures and 5 paragraphs with headings and over 1150 emojis to choose from

~ SSL messages ~

we use a simple text file based private messenging system ... we do not use pop or smtp email services for communication ... there is 1 text file between you and someone else and each message overwrites the previous so the last message sent is the only part of the conversation that can be seen ... this is done over a SSL webserver certificate for utmost privacy

~ privacy ~

there are no external community directories for members websites ... you have to share that with friends as you see fit ... as you can see right now there is no way for you to see my information unless join

~ color schemes ~

all colors are customizable by you ... your personal color scheme will be seen in your control panel, 1 page website, and when other private members view your profile in the groups ... my personal color scheme is what you are seeing right now ... if i change the text color on my profile it will be seen here so you can expect to see holiday theme colors as holidays pass

~ no apps / no ads ~

this is a mobile website which does not have the restrisions that app distributors put on developers ... i believe in freedom of speech but ask that you refrain from crappy behaviour and illegal topics pertaining to the laws in the USA ... also no advertisers to appease ... thank you gentlemen ... now lets have fun

~ groups ~

there are asspigs... dilfs... barebackers... bears... mustache men... muscle bears... pipe & cigar leather men, bro-mancers... and open to suggestions for any special interest groups as we grow such as gardening, movies, pets, etc

~ fb supporters ~
thank you gentlemen for your heartfelt donations last august ... everyone on fb that helped me thru my fundraiser or paypal for any amount will have full membership to this site once i launch it

💅 💞
~ gurls welcomed ~
hell ya the ladies in the family are welcome here ... the webmaster is a butch bitch so bring it ladies and have some fun

~ about your email ~
email addresses are only used for login purposes ... i do not have a mailing list to bother you ... i will not sell your email address to anyone no matter what ... period

~ about passwords ~
always use a different password at every website that you log in to ... the join script gives you a random password to use ... you can change it if you want to once you are logged in

~ software testing ~
you've been chosen to help test this software ... you're either an old friend or new one on facebook ... if you are here now you will have a life time membership ... thank you for your help ... and remember that you are appreciated beyond measure

💙 🐷 😂
~ love sexy men fun ~
we are a private community of gay men who like to laugh loud and have fun and also support each other in times of need ... our community standards are simiple ... if you don't have any thing good to say then don't say it

~ we deliver color ~
as a webmaster & former digital artist for a book company i take great pride in my site design ... i pass this on to you in your control panel so you can customize your member profile that others see ... this page is what you will see when you view my personal profile ... all emojis, background, #tag, topic headers & paragraphs have customizable colors

🜉 🛕 💮
~ 1,150+ emojis ~
please don't make me display them all ... seriously there are almost 1,200 emojis and we have most on hand for you to choose from

~ all members equal ~
all features are available to all members ... e-cards, ltr seekers club, private messenger, a mustache club, a members only kinky discussion group ... when covid is under control there will be a hook-up section added as well